What’s in for me

  • The winners:
    • One seat in the Copernicus Accelerator (a one-year coaching scheme organised by the EC, under a different contract) will be provided for the winning team.
    • Financial prize: 1500€, WebSupport Virtual server V2 for 1 year
  • 2nd place:
    • Financial prize: 1000€, WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB
  • 3rd place:
    • Financial prize: 500€, WebSupport The Hosting for 1 year max. size 3GB
  • Special sobloo prize:
    • 3-month subscription to sobloo for free – During the 3 months, the winner will receive access to 1 cloud tenant, equipped with the following resources:

      5 VM, s3.large.4

      VB Storage SSD: 250 GB

      VB Storage SATA: 100 GB

      Outgoing traffic: 15 GB – The tenant with be installed with the following BackEnd et Cloud services: ▪ OS Linux sécurisé


      Kubernetes (K8S) V0.5


    • Promotion of the winning team and their idea via sobloo website and communication means
    • Technical and marketing support during 3 months

  • All participants:
    • Access to the Copernicus DIAS plarforms in connection to the event.

Organisers are communicating the possible use of following Copernicus DIAS plarforms: